Prohibited Item

  • Perishables
  • Antiques / art works
  • Fire arms & fire works
  • Pornography materials
  • Articles for cities not listed
  • Tobacco & tobacco products
  • Explosives / military equipments
  • Share certificates & lottery tickets
  • Gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones or articles made of these
  • Passports
  • Money (cash & cash equivalent instruments in bearer form)
  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Banned skins / hides
  • Any type of liquid product
  • IATA restricted articles
  • Letters with post box no.
  • Drugs & alcoholic beverages
  • Poultry, live stock, plants etc.
  • Inflammable / chemical powders
  • Human corpses,organs & body parts
  • Articles for Cantt. area or with APO address
  • Personal mail / postal articles / stamped envelopes
  • Any other item which is dangerous to carry

Fraud Awareness

We offer and express delivery solution for shipments weighing more or less than 100 kg. across all over India.

Common warnings of fraud:

  1. Unexpected requests for money in return for delivery of a package, often accompanied by an unusual sense of urgency.
  2. Online exchange of a receipt that may look altered or where the AWB number is not trackable online or seems unusually short or long.
  3. Claims about winning a large sum of money, expensive items or the lottery.
  4. Requests to share credit/debit card numbers.
  5. Fraudulent calls or e-mails that request online payments.

Volumetric Information

Light-weight consignments occupying a large space due to dimensions need to be charged as per the volumetric weight calculations as follows:

Domestic Surface Mode:

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 4000 in centimetres
Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 5000 in centimetres

Domestic Air Mode:
Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 5000 in centimetres

International Shipments:
Volumetric Weight = LxBxH / 5000 in centimetres